The Militarization of Christianity: Fallacy and Fact

At first blush, it appears the Interwebz are crawling with religious articles that beg to be picked apart. And no, I don’t mean articles written in the 1970s, or five years ago, or even last year.

Today’s lucky contestant is Dale Martin, a professor of religious studies featured in an article published this very Thursday, September 18, about new ideas as to the “real reasons” behind Jesus’ crucifixion for Newsweek. Mr. Martin, sir, please come on down.

The “Biblish” Bias

There’s a threat to the gospel, and I’m going to call it “Biblish.” It’s the concept that one’s own understanding of Scripture is the only understanding of Scripture, or even that it is God’s own view of Scripture. If you’ve not encountered this, congratulations and do everything you can to keep yourself unstained by it.… Continue reading The “Biblish” Bias

Where Should Homeless People Go?

Congratulations, America: you are on the verge of implosion. For better or worse, a country is no greater than its citizens, and thousands of citizens are now being legally exiled, not for being criminal, or volatile, or even for being “illegal,” but for being hungry. “Wait…for being hungry?” Yes. In a brash move only fit… Continue reading Where Should Homeless People Go?

The Storehouse Gospel

‘With the loyal you show yourself loyal;    with the blameless you show yourself blameless;  with the pure you show yourself pure;    and with the crooked you show yourself perverse.’ -Ps. 18:25-26 When in childhood, one of my favorite character groups was that of “PEANUTS.” I’m sure I spent a decent amount of time watching the… Continue reading The Storehouse Gospel