The Danger of “Prooftexting”

We’ve all been there: a friendly question turns into a pointed question; a well-meaning discussion turns into a heated argument. Words flow like a dam-burst, and the damage might as well be subject to an agency for interpersonal disaster relief. But what if we could prevent the cracks in the dam in the first place?… Continue reading The Danger of “Prooftexting”

The Gradumacation.

Yes, it’s true. God, through the school, bestowed a commission of what I can only describe as glory, and for that I am extremely grateful. I saw colleagues whom I had worked with, professors who remembered me even after years of absence, friends who somehow were graduating on the same exact day as me. The experience was full and joyous. But the call to graduate is a call to worthiness and is therefore, by-definition, not necessarily a pleasurable one.

Present-Generation Characteristic #1: Ecumenical

When is a church not a “church”? When it’s by itself…

… I believe Characteristic #1 of the Present-Generation Church is “Ecumenical.” Those in my generation, mostly, see a great need to find common ground, a strong yearning for the fruit of a whole vine. Jesus was always sharing meals with people; even the ones society around Him thought were detestable, and would contaminate a person. Well, might I say that there’s no larger or better banquet than a potluck.