The Spirit of Giving (Pastors for The Poor)

‘Every generous act of giving, with every perfect gift, is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.’ – James 1:17 Churched Unchurched has always had a heart of biblical, social concerns. Those who cannot afford a decent standard of living are certainly… Continue reading The Spirit of Giving (Pastors for The Poor)

Jesus, The Goal of Justice

“Oh really?” I am willing to bet this was Judas’ thought when Jesus rebuked him here. Judas rebukes a woman pouring perfume on Jesus just days before His death, perfume that cost literally a year’s worth of wages. Judas claims that the money for the perfume could have been given to “the poor.” But Judas also regularly dips into the poverty fund for himself, making it obvious that this is more about greed and self-importance than helping anyone.

Reflections on the Poverty Cycle

And that’s when I realized the idea I mentioned above about the poor. They are often quite literally “stuck.” They have little way to survive without saving as much money as possible; and yet in order to save that money, many of them have to buy from people that would directly or indirectly take advantage of them. So what can they actually do to help their own circumstances?

FairTradia: The Land Where “Price” Does Not Equal “Profit”

Mmmm…. CostCo. Have you ever been at the CostCo warehouse stores? They are rather big here in California, and my, what a treat. Everything is stacked high, large quantities, low prices-per-piece, goods for all kinds of imaginable purposes and plenty of free food samples on a weekend. I was fortunate enough to go there to purchase,… Continue reading FairTradia: The Land Where “Price” Does Not Equal “Profit”