Mission and Giving

How much love is in the world?

How well is it being shown?

The Internet can be a bright and exciting place, but it is also a challenging place with a lot of broken people, who need safety, freedom, and love. Chaplain Mike’s ministry is a digital, multi-platform ministry existing to communicate a historic and tested faith that can be both understood and accepted by those who have been in a church, those who have never been in a church, and those who have been hurt, alienated or disaffected by a church.

The ministry is a unique and empowered mission, centered on the Gospel of Christ, existing to boldly proclaim both mercy and justice for various contemporary causes across denominational, political, and socio-economic lines to every person, group and nation. Such causes range in category from spiritual unity to economic policy, political accountability, and doctrinal integrity, and are addressed with the solid foundation that only the Holy Spirit and Scripture can provide. Meaningful action is a special and necessary calling every God-fearing person understands; Chaplain Mike aims to perpetuate that action through challenging and encouraging wisdom and witness.

While the ministry exists out of spiritual calling and worth alone, physical existence still continues as part of God’s will, and Chaplain Mike does provide for others. It is currently funded entirely by Chaplain Mike and partners just like you who graciously contribute through the Go Fund Me account or by directing donations to Chaplain Mike’s email, churchunchurch@gmail.com, through PayPal’s website.

If the Lord does lead you to contribute financially, thank you greatly, and may God richly bless you for contributing and becoming a welcome spiritual partner in what God is doing through this ministry!

Any questions, concerns, comments, topics, discussions or invitations may be directed to Chaplain Mike at churchunchurch@gmail.com, or by using the form below. All correspondence is considered confidential unless otherwise explicitly stated: 


Grace and peace,

+Chaplain Mike

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