The Thanks-taking Holiday.

Ah, Thanksgivukah. A time for peace, for feasting, for community. The kind of “community” below has received quite a bit of attention this holiday. For good reason, sure. It’s the first time I can remember that people actually will go retail shopping on Thanksgiving proper (and no, I’m not as young as I imagine). It… Continue reading The Thanks-taking Holiday.

The Servant Made Slave

Especially for my generation, grandparents are easily the most influential people in life. Many of them take care of or protect multiple generations, at significant personal cost. My grandparents are no strangers to this notion of sacrifice. Grandpa, in particular, served as an Army Sergeant spanning two, separate, global wars. The thing about grandpa was… Continue reading The Servant Made Slave


Ever taken a multi-vitamin on an empty stomach? Don’t. Sickness happens. And frankly, most of the vitamins can’t be absorbed anyway. Why? Because there’s nothing in the stomach to take on those extra vitamins, or help the process along. In other words: pointlessness in a pill. Ever tried to participate in faith without a community?… Continue reading Vitamin-F(aith)

The Rogerian Argument & Women In Ministry

     Nothing weakens a cause more than a weak argument. And nothing weakens an argument more than making no argument at all. A major cause to argue in the last several decades has been women’s authority in church ministry, and much of the cause’s progress has come due to an ability to find what a… Continue reading The Rogerian Argument & Women In Ministry