Intentional Community and Creation Care: Loving Your Neighbor

I found, as I spoke through the passion that God gave me to understand Creation Care and the Church’s necessary role in that, that I am still obviously processing through what it means to be not just a personally responsible steward, but what it will take to encourage Christian unity behind the issue. And I also found just how much raw passion, excitement, and experience is already ripening among the Church’s members to work together; how that interdependent reality of Nature is reflecting and reflected by the interdependent identity of the Church and her members.

The Transportation Tragedy

A few posts ago, I mentioned a call for ideas to improve community living as a means not just for neighborliness, but as a call for ecological care. And I received some pretty good ones.

Most of the suggestions happen to be in the form of transportation. Example: Joe, Bob and Sue live in the same apartment complex. But Joe works 15 miles NE, Bob works 20 miles SE, and Sue works nearly 45 miles W. What’s the problem? Right: they’re all using separate cars to get to work.

Revamped Community Residency

Random thought: what if the way we lived in community-styled housing was actually done “organically”? One of the most important factors for many home buyers isn’t just the purchase-price; it’s the community. It’s your neighbors, your values, the things that seem to spring up out of your shared life together. The ethos. That most important… Continue reading Revamped Community Residency