Jesus, The Goal of Justice

“Oh really?” I am willing to bet this was Judas’ thought when Jesus rebuked him here. Judas rebukes a woman pouring perfume on Jesus just days before His death, perfume that cost literally a year’s worth of wages. Judas claims that the money for the perfume could have been given to “the poor.” But Judas also regularly dips into the poverty fund for himself, making it obvious that this is more about greed and self-importance than helping anyone.

The “Social Justice Handbook”

I am super-excited about a book that’s already been named the top resource for church social justice for the year. It’s subtitled Small Steps for a Better World, and it’s written (woot-woot) by an Evangelical Covenant pastor.

If anyone wants to read this with me and discuss it, I want to read and post about it. So the more community input, the better! Write me and let me know:

Blessings and justice for all! 🙂

How and Why Creation Care is Fitting for The Church.

Creation Care is about acting as one in a faithful community, to restore God’s creation from the brokenness that our own wrongs have caused. The greatness about this is that God already enables and empowers us because we identify with Jesus. So we don’t have to worry about how often we fail, when we really identify with Jesus. And we don’t have to be intimidated by the enormity of restoring creation as much as possible, because we identify with Jesus. Jesus is our comfort, our strength, our joy, our empowerment, our freedom, our restoration.