Sanctifying N.T. Wright — Part II

I believe last time, the final point was “(B),” so here is the continuance. Just as a reminder, the primary text for this reflection is 2 Timothy 2:10-13. (C) Salvation is “in” Christ Jesus. Again, I know no Christian who denies this. And yet, those who disagree with Wright vociferously seem to me to claim… Continue reading Sanctifying N.T. Wright — Part II

Sanctifying N.T. Wright

God has me in 2 Timothy at the time that I am writing this. It’s a letter centered in “grace, mercy and peace from God” (1:2). I’ve learned quite a bit about God’s nature, our identity, the residing Holy Spirit, suffering, and the importance of faithfulness. It’s helped me tremendously to grow in my own suffering, and the purpose I should see behind that.

One thing I didn’t expect was to learn how Tom Wright’s position on “justification” makes sense. And how it doesn’t. At the same time.