A while back, I posted in response to a rather brazen, irrational, and unjust characterization of “all Muslims” by a supposed leader within our own Christian faith. … Here’s a new piece of that evidence [he was wrong], a video in which Muslims deliberately and publicly denounce ISIS as “Islamic” at all; I urge you to watch it, for the sake of our faith and for the sake of human beings in general:

The Militarization of Christianity: Fallacy and Fact

At first blush, it appears the Interwebz are crawling with religious articles that beg to be picked apart. And no, I don’t mean articles written in the 1970s, or five years ago, or even last year.

Today’s lucky contestant is Dale Martin, a professor of religious studies featured in an article published this very Thursday, September 18, about new ideas as to the “real reasons” behind Jesus’ crucifixion for Newsweek. Mr. Martin, sir, please come on down.

False Atonement: Modern Dichotomy and The Postmodern Christian

While postmodernism is a ground-shaker, and many have taken to it rather…slowly…for good reasons, there’s one highly disagreeable reason, and that is the desire to hold onto false dichotomies. Pop quiz!   Postmodernism, as a rule, deconstructs things in order to their root assumptions. One misunderstanding about postmodernism is that reconstructing things is not an… Continue reading False Atonement: Modern Dichotomy and The Postmodern Christian