Established by Living through Death?

A thought-provoking concept, to be sure. And my friend posed just that question in discussing the legitimacy of Israel committing at least some form of “genocide” on people in order to establish the land of Israel. Was it really genocide? Personally, I felt those people just happened to be dwelling there, and the account of… Continue reading Established by Living through Death?

An Honest Bishop

Right authority always holds the right kind of influence. And that right kind of influence, to many outside the church, is rare. When you see right authority, you tend to know it, don’t you? … If you’re unaware of N.T. Wright, let this be your first invitation to consider him, because he is one whom I believe has that “just-know-it” authority.

How and Why Creation Care is Fitting for The Church.

Creation Care is about acting as one in a faithful community, to restore God’s creation from the brokenness that our own wrongs have caused. The greatness about this is that God already enables and empowers us because we identify with Jesus. So we don’t have to worry about how often we fail, when we really identify with Jesus. And we don’t have to be intimidated by the enormity of restoring creation as much as possible, because we identify with Jesus. Jesus is our comfort, our strength, our joy, our empowerment, our freedom, our restoration.