Steps Towards a “Both-And” Theology

You don’t have to stretch or squeeze into one of only two positions within Christian orthodoxy, based on whether it’s easier for you to stretch or squeeze. You fit where you fit, and God is very much in favor of a healthy, all-encompassing life, as well as making sure you can continue on the journey towards fulfillment in Christ. Not to mention the fact that he doesn’t really play our games of “limiting” him or “defining” him beyond what he himself reveals.

The “Social Justice Handbook”

I am super-excited about a book that’s already been named the top resource for church social justice for the year. It’s subtitled Small Steps for a Better World, and it’s written (woot-woot) by an Evangelical Covenant pastor.

If anyone wants to read this with me and discuss it, I want to read and post about it. So the more community input, the better! Write me and let me know:

Blessings and justice for all! 🙂

Liturgy Under the Table

What’s really the value of liturgy? Is it some kind of hindrance to God, or is it a grace-door to experience him?

This isn’t going to be answered in a post, so hopefully I will stay away from rambling. That said, I think the question of how a Christian approaches liturgy matters for a good portion of their walk in the Faith.

“That ‘Parish’ Mindset”

Churches usually have a few different ways of approaching ministry. Some see it as a temporary empowerment; others see it as lifelong community guidance. Most of the former tend to be your independent, non-denom, and sometimes Baptist churches. The latter tend to be the more liturgical, historical branches of the Faith, like Lutherans, Anglicans and… Continue reading “That ‘Parish’ Mindset”