Ministry Updates

Hey, everyone; I hope the peace of God has dwelt within you and you are blessed! Thanks for reading this short update on the ministry! Well, as always, there are positives and there are challenges. First the positives:

God has been gracious, and spurred within the ministry of CU a new branch of outreach on Twitter. Be sure to check it out here. You can support the ministry by following, liking, retweeting, and telling others about how God has blessed you through the ministry there. As always, your support is greatly appreciated. God has certainly blessed the ministry directly, as Chaplain Mike has seen the follower count grow to over 500 in less than three weeks, about which he is quite thankful! In addition to this branch of the ministry, the Facebook page also has a new button by which anyone can contact Chaplain Mike and CU. Please continue to be in prayer about the gospel reaching people in ways that bring effectual love to the world through Christ.

Challenges at this point, for better or worse, seem rather large. Despite holding two contract jobs outside of the church and being propelled to continue this ministry inside of it, Chaplain Mike hadn’t been able to make a single dime in almost two months. This is not an overstatement or a small matter. Without money, Mike can’t pay his seminary loan, or provide food or shelter for his family, all of which is highly important. Perhaps you may be wondering, “Why doesn’t Mike try serving local churches?” That would be a good question, because the answer is that he has tried. Mike would need more than two hands to count the places he has tried to serve over just the last three years to provide for his family. Is Mike going to stop serving God as he is led? Of course not! But a lack of support can be quite discouraging and, frankly, dangerous. So, please be in prayer about the current state of the ministry, Mike’s finances, and God’s provision as it relates to both. 

As always, communicating your own needs and joys is more than welcome, and you can feel free to contact Chaplain Mike through the website here, the Facebook page, or the Twitter account.

And now: may the grace of Christ richly bless you through the peace of God the Father and in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit in all that you do, in your struggles and in your victories, in your homes and in your workplaces, in your church buildings and in the streets, in your partnerships and in your friendships, from now until we speak again!