Jesus, The Goal of Justice

“Oh really?” I am willing to bet this was Judas’ thought when Jesus rebuked him here. Judas rebukes a woman pouring perfume on Jesus just days before His death, perfume that cost literally a year’s worth of wages. Judas claims that the money for the perfume could have been given to “the poor.” But Judas also regularly dips into the poverty fund for himself, making it obvious that this is more about greed and self-importance than helping anyone.

Intentional Community and Creation Care: Loving Your Neighbor

I found, as I spoke through the passion that God gave me to understand Creation Care and the Church’s necessary role in that, that I am still obviously processing through what it means to be not just a personally responsible steward, but what it will take to encourage Christian unity behind the issue. And I also found just how much raw passion, excitement, and experience is already ripening among the Church’s members to work together; how that interdependent reality of Nature is reflecting and reflected by the interdependent identity of the Church and her members.

Established by Living through Death?

A thought-provoking concept, to be sure. And my friend posed just that question in discussing the legitimacy of Israel committing at least some form of “genocide” on people in order to establish the land of Israel. Was it really genocide? Personally, I felt those people just happened to be dwelling there, and the account of… Continue reading Established by Living through Death?