The Marital Affair

We need to talk about sex. But what I have to say might be unpredictable. It would probably result in my being relieved of duties from about fifty percent of churches worldwide, and my being ignored in another twenty-five percent. But those who would hear it should hear it.


False Atonement: Modern Dichotomy and The Postmodern Christian

While postmodernism is a ground-shaker, and many have taken to it rather…slowly…for good reasons, there’s one highly disagreeable reason, and that is the desire to hold onto false dichotomies. Pop quiz!   Postmodernism, as a rule, deconstructs things in order to their root assumptions. One misunderstanding about postmodernism is that reconstructing things is not an… Continue reading False Atonement: Modern Dichotomy and The Postmodern Christian

Brian McLaren on “Reasonable Doubts”

I was invited to listen to Brian McLaren, emerging church forefather (I guess you could say) on a show called “Reasonable Doubts.” The show is basically an intellectual, agnostic show, attempting to reason out issues in religion that people don’t usually realize. In other words, it’s the Skeptic Station. Frankly, I liked the show for their honesty in questions. And I still have some questions, yes.

Sanctifying N.T. Wright

God has me in 2 Timothy at the time that I am writing this. It’s a letter centered in “grace, mercy and peace from God” (1:2). I’ve learned quite a bit about God’s nature, our identity, the residing Holy Spirit, suffering, and the importance of faithfulness. It’s helped me tremendously to grow in my own suffering, and the purpose I should see behind that.

One thing I didn’t expect was to learn how Tom Wright’s position on “justification” makes sense. And how it doesn’t. At the same time.