Why I Hesitated to #Fast4Families

Jim Wallis (founder of Sojourners) is to many a spiritual hero, and being such isn’t unjustifiable. He’s legitimately and biblically contested the presuppositions of both the right and left on the political spectrum, and the liberal and conservative portions of the Church. When he puts his mind to something, he does it. When he acts,… Continue reading Why I Hesitated to #Fast4Families

Authoritarian Immigration: Arizona and the “Police State.”

OK. As you may know, I am very much a “middle of the road” man; theology, justice, translation, church polity, whatever-have-you. So don’t take this the wrong way: Arizona is about to pass something that is very much NOT “middle of the road” when it comes to immigration policy.

Reflections on the Poverty Cycle

And that’s when I realized the idea I mentioned above about the poor. They are often quite literally “stuck.” They have little way to survive without saving as much money as possible; and yet in order to save that money, many of them have to buy from people that would directly or indirectly take advantage of them. So what can they actually do to help their own circumstances?