Romans 9-11: Beyond the Salvation Debate

500-year-old debates can be boring. And frankly, if a debate goes on for that long, one could be forgiven for wondering about the debate’s relevance. And yet, still to this day, millions of us Christians will debate whether or not salvation can be lost and/or regained. One of the key passages brought up in such… Continue reading Romans 9-11: Beyond the Salvation Debate

Sanctifying N.T. Wright — Part II

I believe last time, the final point was “(B),” so here is the continuance. Just as a reminder, the primary text for this reflection is 2 Timothy 2:10-13. (C) Salvation is “in” Christ Jesus. Again, I know no Christian who denies this. And yet, those who disagree with Wright vociferously seem to me to claim… Continue reading Sanctifying N.T. Wright — Part II

Sanctifying N.T. Wright

God has me in 2 Timothy at the time that I am writing this. It’s a letter centered in “grace, mercy and peace from God” (1:2). I’ve learned quite a bit about God’s nature, our identity, the residing Holy Spirit, suffering, and the importance of faithfulness. It’s helped me tremendously to grow in my own suffering, and the purpose I should see behind that.

One thing I didn’t expect was to learn how Tom Wright’s position on “justification” makes sense. And how it doesn’t. At the same time.