The “Biblish” Bias

There’s a threat to the gospel, and I’m going to call it “Biblish.” It’s the concept that one’s own understanding of Scripture is the only understanding of Scripture, or even that it is God’s own view of Scripture. If you’ve not encountered this, congratulations and do everything you can to keep yourself unstained by it.… Continue reading The “Biblish” Bias

Where Should Homeless People Go?

Congratulations, America: you are on the verge of implosion. For better or worse, a country is no greater than its citizens, and thousands of citizens are now being legally exiled, not for being criminal, or volatile, or even for being “illegal,” but for being hungry. “Wait…for being hungry?” Yes. In a brash move only fit… Continue reading Where Should Homeless People Go?

The Thanks-taking Holiday.

Ah, Thanksgivukah. A time for peace, for feasting, for community. The kind of “community” below has received quite a bit of attention this holiday. For good reason, sure. It’s the first time I can remember that people actually will go retail shopping on Thanksgiving proper (and no, I’m not as young as I imagine). It… Continue reading The Thanks-taking Holiday.

The Spirit of Giving (Pastors for The Poor)

‘Every generous act of giving, with every perfect gift, is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.’ – James 1:17 Churched Unchurched has always had a heart of biblical, social concerns. Those who cannot afford a decent standard of living are certainly… Continue reading The Spirit of Giving (Pastors for The Poor)