What’s In A Christmas List?

In the classic Charlie Brown special, Linus gives one of my favorite lines: “Christmas has not only become too commercial, it’s become toooooo dangerous.”       One could be easily forgiven now for thinking about Christmas like Linus. If anything, “commercials” are much of what we remember about the holiday season in our Western,… Continue reading What’s In A Christmas List?

Character of the Present-Generation Church

This is nothing new; in fact, many parents outside the Church have this has their main concern. Perhaps you’re like me, though, and this concern extends to other areas besides physical or even emotional well-being. Perhaps you are concerned for your child’s spiritual safety. I don’t presuppose to have “answers” for that, as such, but I believe God has presented me with a vision for what I will call the Present-Generation Church, meaning all those who are currently parents (not grandparents), or people in their age range (mainly 20-40).