NLT Mosaic Bible

I do honestly still struggle with the fact that, theologically and morally, I have been using a translation that has not always jived with the parts of me that are truly conservative. But now the NLT seems to have evened out, and I can honestly use it without fear of being dishonest to myself.

“Intentional” Marriage

You know, he has a clever argument, and I won’t deny it’s relevance–especially now, when legal divorce is rampant in the church. But I have a problem with clever arguments instead of comprehensive ones. And I also make a very large distinction between “legal divorce” and “spiritual divorce,” for very good reasons. What Luck seems to be saying is that if the intention of either of the human parties changes, then it is already a divorce. While I think that could be helpful for viewing the spiritual quality of your marriage, I don’t think it makes it a real divorce. Here’s why: