Fatherhood and The State

Guess what? Dads aren’t equally important to their children!”

Such is the spirit California State Governor Jerry Brown seems to be coaxing, with his recent veto of a bipartisan bill that would’ve allowed restrooms to be equal in childcare ability, allowing men access to changing stations equal to those found in female restrooms, and opening up one more avenue for meaningfully engaged fatherhood.

It’s difficult to be a single father and reconcile this recent development with reason. Speaking of reason, did Governor Brown have one? Let’s see; options include:

Perhaps Governor Brown isn’t a dad?


… … ..


Hmm. OK, that’s it; I’m out of reasons.

Citing that the private sector would be better at handling the issue, Governor Brown has seemed to forget that the private sector failing to provide such equal opportunity to fathers is precisely the reason the bill originated. Perhaps he’s also ignorant of the fact that it took legislation to institute changing stations in the first place. 

This isn’t merely about changing stations; it’s about parental encouragement, about the welfare of a nation and its children.

For someone so public about his encouragement of minorities, Mr. Brown seems to think being a minority is a matter of government acknowledgment. Well, wait. OK. Maybe fathers wanting to be fathers aren’t a minority. But…if that were the case, this bill would have passed based on sheer majority demand. The fact that it needs legislation means that a minority needs protection and assurance. And hands-on fathers will continue to be in the minority until they’re encouraged with equal means and opportunity.

For someone so public about his encouragement of feminism, Mr. Brown seems to think this isn’t a related issue. Excuse me, Mr. Brown? How can females be equal while rendering males unequal? There are only two sides to this scale, sir. For one side to be of equal weight and importance, the other must be as well. Perhaps you’d like to revisit the state’s common core laws and include physics, or at least tougher math standards.

For someone so public about his encouragement of women in general, Mr. Brown seems to think fathers don’t matter to mothers. Excuse me, Mr. Brown? Please revisit your court systems and study how many mothers bring fathers to court just to ensure their children have fathers’ involvement.

For someone so public about his opposition to crime, Mr. Brown seems to believe fatherhood doesn’t matter in crime prevention. Excuse me, Mr. Brown? Please go back to the seriously overcrowded prisons of which you are ultimately in charge and study how many criminals are there due to lack of a strong relational bond with a father.

I’m not sure if Mr. Brown is a spiritual man, but he might want to pause to consider Malachi 4:6 before he continues down this road of rampant responsibility-shirking towards fatherhood. For good measure, here’s what it says: “…turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of children to their fathers, lest I come and strike the land with a decree of utter destruction.” 

How’s the state been fairing in general, Governor? I hear we’re excited to pay private suppliers to ensure citizens’ public rights to a water supply. I’m not claiming God’s cursing the state, but you’d better believe I’m sticking by the truth that a land’s well-being is inexorably linked to the encouragement of healthy familial relationships.

I am seriously ashamed to have been a Democrat in this state because of you, Mr. Brown, and I’m a third-generation party member. I do believe you’re deliberately shelving the importance of half the state’s population, and encouraging both it and everything connected with it to fail. That’s not just political negligence or party suicide, that’s borderline treason.

Get your heart right and your authority back. In the meantime, we’ll be raising our children.