“Q&A” Fridays!

At CU, this day of the week is now “Q&A Fridays”!

What does that mean? Nothing special…except that you can ask whatever you want! And you’ll get honest answers (even there isn’t one)!

Unless there’s some kind of pressing newsworthy or church-related concern, if CU receives appropriate questions during the week, those questions will be answered in a post on the closest possible Friday.

Here’s an example:

Q: “Hey, Mike: how’s the beard lookin’?”

A: “Pretty fly for a white guy; thanks. Wanna see?”

Q: “Uhhh…well,”

A: “Ohpe! Here you go:”


How fun! And moderately risky!

Email your questions to churchedunchurched@gmail.com, or go to our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/churchedunchurched) and message your questions there!