Lessons from Status

Unfortunately, I am not really railing on social status with this post. No, I mean the popular “status”: the ones of Facebook.

I realized when looking through some comments on my old posts that the pictures associated with the names change quite often, over the course of many months. But though the pictures change, the words entered never do. Now, obviously, one can delete whatever one says there. I’m not an “FB hyper-Calvinist,” lol. All I mean to say is that this concept of images changing but words remaining ought to give us pause: how often do we think that what we say has lasting effects? To be honest, I don’t much. But that doesn’t change what I have said…

The grace in this is that Jesus not only understood this, he was explicit about his awareness of it. He claimed that his own words would never pass away. I’m not claiming that we have the same “lasting effects” as God; what I am claiming is that even when our words may have unintended effects, God outlasts those.

Have you considered taking refuge in that?