“Social” Does Not Mean “Socialist”

I don’t usually post randomly to this blog, but something I saw this morning really riles me up: “social” does not mean “socialist.”

FairTradia: The Land Where “Price” Does Not Equal “Profit”

Mmmm…. CostCo. Have you ever been at the CostCo warehouse stores? They are rather big here in California, and my, what a treat. Everything is stacked high, large quantities, low prices-per-piece, goods for all kinds of imaginable purposes and plenty of free food samples on a weekend. I was fortunate enough to go there to purchase,… Continue reading FairTradia: The Land Where “Price” Does Not Equal “Profit”

Present-Generation Characteristic #1: Ecumenical

When is a church not a “church”? When it’s by itself…

… I believe Characteristic #1 of the Present-Generation Church is “Ecumenical.” Those in my generation, mostly, see a great need to find common ground, a strong yearning for the fruit of a whole vine. Jesus was always sharing meals with people; even the ones society around Him thought were detestable, and would contaminate a person. Well, might I say that there’s no larger or better banquet than a potluck.

Revamped Community Residency

Random thought: what if the way we lived in community-styled housing was actually done “organically”? One of the most important factors for many home buyers isn’t just the purchase-price; it’s the community. It’s your neighbors, your values, the things that seem to spring up out of your shared life together. The ethos. That most important… Continue reading Revamped Community Residency