Character of the Present-Generation Church

“Will my child be safe?”

Surprisingly, I have asked myself that question many times. It’s a natural question all parents have, in any context from grocery shopping to international travel. But most of the time, I have asked it when thinking of the kind of church my son will have available.

This is nothing new; in fact, many parents outside the Church have this has their main concern. Perhaps you’re like me, though, and this concern extends to other areas besides physical or even emotional well-being. Perhaps you are concerned for your child’s spiritual safety. I don’t presuppose to have “answers” for that, as such, but I believe God has presented me with a vision for what I will call the Present-Generation Church, meaning all those who are currently parents (not grandparents), or people in their age range (mainly 20-40).

And what I have seen gives me great hope, if in fact God decides to manifest these qualities in His people… not just for my child, but for the world.

Here, then, without a particular priority order, are the main values I foresee in the Present-Generation Church:

1. Ecumenical

2. Egalitarian

3. Evangelical

4. Emergent

5. Environmental (or Ecological)

6. Encompassing

7. Empowering

8. Entrusted

9. Elemental

10. Ever-Present

Naturally, there will be more values than the ones being presented at-the-moment. But just beholding the qualities themselves makes me confessedly giddy. So, for the next several weeks, it’s my hope to unpack and reveal a tip-o’-the-iceberg for this kind of Church character. There is always hope, and God is always growing His people for wholeness!